Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Week Eleven

Wednesday, December 15th, was eleven weeks post-surgery. Physical therapy was still going well and I could feel my ankle getting stronger and stronger.

On Saturday I went to the library and did not wear my air cast. I knew I wouldn't be walking too far or standing very long. My ankle did well, it was sore but I noticed that I was trying to walk a little faster than I really was able to. Sneakers with a bit of a heel were more comfortable and helped me walk a little easier, as opposed to sneakers with a flatter bottom.

That day I also used the vertical leg press machine at physical therapy, and did a calf-raise with my left foot using the lowest weight on the machine. Just a few weeks earlier I had not been able to do that!

Sunday I spent most of the day cleaning the house, this time not wearing my air cast. I took small breaks now and then and my ankle felt relatively good. It was sore but tolerable, and icing it helped.

On Monday I did a few new exercises and my legs were very sore afterward. Those muscles got a good workout! It felt good to be able to move on to new things at physical therapy... and I knew that having that "beat-up" feeling afterward was a good sign that I was becoming stronger and stronger.

I hadn't been wearing the air cast at home for a few weeks now, and was walking very well in my "indoor shoes." I noticed that sneakers like Skechers helped more because they had a bit of a heel, which helped my foot push up while walking. Walking barefoot was a bit easier as well, but the shoes helped much more and I realized I was able to walk with less of a limp.

By Tuesday I was feeling ready to take off my air cast when I went to work, but I decided not to just yet. Although I spent my days at work primarily sitting, I was concerned about walking from my car into the building to my office. My ankle strength was definitely improving but I didn't want to push myself too far just yet.


  1. HI Christine, so finally was given the go ahead to be weight bearing but with air cast of course. wondering where do you go for physical therapy in new york. My doctor is in Philadelphia, debating where to have therapy, since I missed my deadline to go back to work on Dec 20th (FMLA) due to a surgical flap to cover to hardware, I developed skin ulcer, I need someone who knows what they are doing. Yesterday the doctor started me on weight bearing but wants me only to do small exercise on the leg no manipulation or strength training yet due to the graft in ankle still need another 2 more weeks to develop tough skin. I cant go back to work pt with air cast since I am RN and work 12hrs shift. It just sucks.. but I figure that it took me 16yrs to get this operation, 4 them was going to school so I can get a pt job with good benefit to get this operation. At end of the day I guess I completed my task, now if I can only find patience withing myself... Hope you feeling much better and are able to maneuver yourself with ease. Happy New Year.

  2. Hi J... follow your doctor's instructions and remember that everyone recovers from surgery differently. I feel that I have been very lucky through this whole process and wish the same progress for anyone else considering or undergoing this surgery.

    I have been going to Pro Sports Physical Therapy ( which is very close to where I live and they are under my insurance plan. The people there are great, if they are in your area and covered by your insurance plan I would definitely recommend checking them out!

    Happy New Year to you as well! :)