Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week Fifteen

Wednesday, January 12th, was fifteen weeks post-surgery. When I went to physical therapy on Thursday I told my therapist that my ankle had felt sore the past couple of days. He felt it could be the weather; we had had a snowstorm and he said when the pressure drops it might affect my ankle. This may or may not be a permanent thing... only time would tell.

This was a little disappointing to me but I had to remind myself that the pain I was feeling now was still so much less than the pain I was experiencing before the surgery. The soreness was tolerable and didn't affect me half as much as the arthritis pain did.

Over the next few days I worked on rolling my left foot completely through each step, trying to push myself forward while walking. It was uncomfortable but tolerable and I knew it would pay off in the long run. I showed my therapist what I was doing on Monday and he said I was doing much better and to keep working on it!

The next day there was rain and I noticed my foot was stiff and sore once again. Working on my walking was difficult and more painful. I didn't do my home exercises either, because of the soreness. I hoped it would pass soon.

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