Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week Nineteen

Wednesday, February 9th, was nineteen weeks post-surgery. Physical therapy was still going well and I worked more on pushing off my left foot when walking, as opposed to putting my right foot down and lifting my left foot up to walk. Pushing off my ankle was uncomfortable but I knew the more I did it the stronger it would become. When it came to putting all of my body weight on my left ankle, I just couldn't do it... I definitely needed to increase my strength.

On Monday, February 14th, I stopped using my handicapped parking pass at work and parked a little further away from the building entrance. I probably could have stopped using the pass a few weeks earlier, but the snow and ice on the ground made me nervous and I just wanted to get inside as quickly as possible! With the snow and ice finally melting away I felt more comfortable and knew it would be better for my ankle if I started walking a little further on it.

I also wanted to start paying attention to the weather; it seemed cooler temperatures or low pressure seemed to cause my ankle some discomfort. I felt it was important to keep track of this so I could plan ahead in the days to come, work around the knowledge of whether or not my ankle would be sore that day.

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