Friday, March 4, 2011

Week Twenty-One

Wednesday, February 23rd, was twenty-one weeks post-surgery. That night I pushed myself on the Wii Fit, playing games that required ankle movement and really focusing on using my left ankle rather than relying on my right. I felt pretty sore afterward, but good!

On Thursday I started feeling sick, like another sinus infection was coming on. I didn't go to physical therapy that night nor on Saturday; I went to the doctor instead and began a course of antibiotics.

I went to physical therapy on Monday and took it easy because I wasn't feeling 100%. I started paying attention to the weather because I noticed that when it was clear and dry, my ankle felt fine. When it was wet and cloudy, my ankle hurt. My therapist told me this might always be the case with my ankle, but there as also a chance that it was temporary.

The weather was rainy on Tuesday and my ankle was very sore... I hoped the weather would clear up soon!


  1. I hope that the weather has cleared up and that you've gotten relief from your sinus infection. I'm always amazed by the effect of the weather on my ankle pain, that's usually when you can find me crawling around on hands and knees around my house. My surgery is a week from today and I am positively terrified. Reading about your successes and progress are reassuring. Best wishes on your road to pain-free living!

  2. Suzanne, good luck with your upcoming surgery. I don't blame you for being scared, I was too! Everything you are about to go through in the upcoming weeks will be worth the life you are about to gain back. I definitely have no regrets! :)