Monday, April 4, 2011

Week Twenty-Four

Wednesday, March 16th, was twenty-four weeks post-surgery. The dizziness from my sinus infection lingered but subsided little by little each day. By Friday it was just about gone.

Unfortunately the dizziness kept me from going to the gym at the YMCA but I knew I'd get there once I felt up to it. In the meantime I tried to continue my home exercises but that was not always easy since I was busy with many things. I figured the more I walked around and kept mobile, the better the strength-training for my ankle. I knew it would never be 100% again, but knowing I could walk around pain-free was worth giving up a little range-of-motion. I also kept up with the elliptical and the Wii Fit to help maintain my strenth.

On Sunday we went out to a nature preserve and I was on my feet walking the grounds for a few hours... about four total. There were times I needed to sit and rest my ankle but otherwise I did very well. At one point my husband and son walked on the beach but I stayed behind and rested on a bench; I knew my ankle could handle the uneven terrain of the sand but I also knew that walking in the sand would tire my ankle out and I wanted to continue walking and enjoy the day without pain. When I got home I did ice my ankle but overall it felt great!

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